Emory University F&A Rate Agreement

Emory University F&A Rate Agreement: Understanding the System

Emory University is a prestigious research university in Atlanta, Georgia. It is known for its world-class research programs and academic excellence. However, one aspect of Emory that may be unfamiliar to many is its F&A rate agreement.

What is an F&A rate agreement?

F&A stands for Facilities and Administrative costs. These are indirect costs that are incurred in the course of research activities at the university. Examples of these costs include utilities, equipment maintenance, and administrative support. F&A costs are essential for the smooth running of research projects, but they can be difficult to quantify and budget for.

An F&A rate agreement is a negotiated agreement between a university and the federal government that sets the rate at which F&A costs will be reimbursed for federally funded research projects. The agreement is based on an assessment of the actual costs incurred by the university in carrying out research activities.

Why is the F&A rate agreement important?

The F&A rate agreement is essential for ensuring that research projects are adequately funded. Without an agreed-upon rate, universities would have to absorb the costs of F&A expenses, which could be significantly higher than the amount they would receive in direct funding for research projects.

The F&A rate agreement also ensures that universities can provide the necessary support services for researchers. These services include administrative support, equipment maintenance, and facilities management. Without the agreement, universities would struggle to meet the demands of research projects and would be ill-prepared to support the needs of researchers.

How is the F&A rate agreement determined?

The F&A rate agreement is negotiated between the university and the federal government. The agreement is based on a review of the university`s costs and expenses related to research activities. The university provides detailed information on its costs, and the federal government reviews this information to determine the appropriate rate for F&A expenses.

The F&A rate agreement is typically based on a predetermined percentage of research project costs. This percentage reflects the estimated indirect costs associated with the research project. The percentage can vary depending on the type of research being conducted and the nature of the expenses incurred by the university.

Emory University`s F&A rate agreement

Emory University has a negotiated F&A rate agreement with the federal government. The current rate for Emory`s F&A costs is 58% of research project costs. This rate is in line with the rates established by other research universities in the United States.

Emory`s F&A rate agreement is essential for the continued growth and success of its research programs. The agreement ensures that the university can provide the necessary support services for researchers and can adequately fund research projects.


The F&A rate agreement is a critical aspect of research funding for universities like Emory. The agreement ensures that indirect costs associated with research projects are properly funded and that researchers have access to the necessary support services. For Emory, the F&A rate agreement is essential for maintaining its position as a leading research university.