Termination of Lease Agreement Illinois Sample

Termination of Lease Agreement Illinois Sample: A Guide to Ending Your Lease Early

There may come a time when you need to terminate your lease agreement in the state of Illinois. Perhaps you`ve found a new job in another state, or you`ve experienced unforeseen circumstances that make it difficult to continue living in your rental unit. Whatever the reason, it`s important to understand the legal process for terminating your lease agreement in Illinois. In this article, we`ll provide you with a sample termination of lease agreement in Illinois and guide you through the steps you need to take to end your lease early.

What is a Termination of Lease Agreement in Illinois?

A termination of lease agreement is a legal document that allows you to end your lease agreement prematurely. It`s important to note that terminating a lease agreement comes with consequences, such as losing your security deposit or being held liable for rent until your landlord can find a new tenant to take over your lease.

Before starting the process of terminating your lease, it`s important to review your lease agreement to see if there are any clauses that allow for early termination. If not, you may need to negotiate an agreement with your landlord or seek legal advice to understand your options.

How to Terminate Your Lease Agreement in Illinois

Step 1: Review Your Lease Agreement

As mentioned, it`s important to thoroughly review your lease agreement for any early termination clauses. This can help you avoid any legal penalties or fees associated with ending your lease early.

Step 2: Provide Notice to Your Landlord

Once you`ve reviewed your lease agreement, you`ll need to provide your landlord with written notice of your intent to terminate the lease. In Illinois, the standard notice period is 30 days. However, your lease agreement may require a longer notice period, so be sure to check before providing notice.

Step 3: Complete the Termination of Lease Agreement Form

After providing notice to your landlord, you`ll need to complete the termination of lease agreement form. The form should include your name, the address of your rental unit, the reason for terminating your lease, and your signature. You can use the sample termination of lease agreement in Illinois provided below to guide you in completing the form.

Step 4: Return Keys and Vacate the Rental Unit

Once the termination of lease agreement has been signed and dated by both you and your landlord, it`s time to return the keys to your rental unit and vacate the premises. Be sure to leave the rental unit clean and in good condition to avoid any additional fees or penalties.

Sample Termination of Lease Agreement in Illinois

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]


[Landlord`s Name]

[Landlord`s Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Landlord`s Name],

I am writing to provide written notice of my intent to terminate my lease agreement for the rental unit located at [Rental Unit Address] in [City, State]. My reason for terminating the lease is [Reason for Termination].

I understand that there may be penalties associated with terminating my lease agreement early and I am willing to pay any fees or charges as outlined in my lease agreement.

Enclosed, please find the termination of lease agreement form. Please note that I will vacate the rental unit no later than [Date of Vacating the Rental Unit].

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


[Your Signature]

[Your Name]

In conclusion, terminating a lease agreement in Illinois requires careful consideration of your legal obligations and potential penalties. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the sample termination of lease agreement in Illinois provided, you can ensure a smooth and legal termination process. Remember to work closely with your landlord and seek legal advice as needed to protect your interests.